Coffee: Bringing friends together

Throughout History

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What better way to meet a friend or just get together with a group than over a cup of coffee? There is none! Well maybe-but coffee is a favorite method for me. As many of you know, coffee has the amazing ability, spur conversation, get the mind buzzing with creativity, and ultimately allow for a good opportunity to be with a friend. After all, how are we going to get along with one another if we don’t just break it down, one to one and have a chat once in a while?

Friend 1: “Hey, let’s go get a coffee.”

Friend 2: “Yes let’s do!”

See how easy that is?

You never know what you’re down for when people gather over coffee; it has the uncanny ability and undeniable power to make “it” happen. It?  Whatever it is that happens when folks sit together, sip together and connect.  I say, a good cup of coffee can bring us together for the good in each of us.

We have all the tools but maybe we just need an excuse to hang out and even when we look back to history, we can see that coffee did this very thing: BROUGHT PEOPLE TOGETHER.


From the earliest of domesticated coffee plants -said to have been from Harar, and the native population is thought to be derived from Ethiopia with distinct nearby populations in Sudan and Kenya -coffee was primarily consumed in the Eastern world. Coffee eventually made its’ way to the New World by the British in the mid-17th century.  Coffeehouses were popular, but it wasn’t until the Boston Tea Party in 1773 that America’s coffee culture was changed forever: the revolt against King George III generated a mass switch from tea to coffee amongst the colonists.

Introduced in 1892 by wholesale grocer Joel Owsley Cheek, it was named in honor of the now-defunct Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, which was its first major customer. For nearly 100 years, until the late 1980s, it was “good to the last drop” and the highest-selling coffee in the United States.

The 19th century brought us coffee klatches, which refers to a group of friends getting together over a cup of coffee, usually at someone’s house. The word “klatsch” has turned into “klatch” or even “clatch” over the years, and both are considered acceptable to use. Coffee klatches.

What is it they say? There’s nothing really, new under the sun.  Now jump.  Fast forward to 2020….and coffee is still bringing us together. Think about the variety of coffee houses out there –people gathering for chit chats over drip, dark, and richly roasted καφές!

Find your nearest café, call a friend, make date.  Enjoy the wonders of coffee, be creative, drink up.