Coffee is a Beautiful, Worldly Thing!

Of course, we’re talking about the deliciousness of coffee – the rich, silky smooth taste of our favorite morning pleasure!  The WORLD loves their coffee and every culture presents their luscious little cup many delightful ways.  Here are some of our favorites in no particular order:

Italian Espresso
One of the most common and quick ways to get a quick pick-me-up is with a shot of espresso! NOTE the pronunciation is eˈspresō – NOT EXPRESSO!  Knowing this little detail will most likely make your Barista happy and will result in the best quality timed shot.  Literally meaning ‘pressed out’, espresso is when a small amount of hot temp water is pressed through a fine grind of strong coffee.

Irish Coffee

Care for a little brunch treat with friends or an after-dinner drink?  Try adding a bit of whiskey, sugar, and cream!  This is a cocktail with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, stirred, and topped with cream.   Super for the winter season.

French Press

This method is one that truly allows ALL the essential oils to make their way into your cup.  Also with no filter used, there is zero waste and a simple process!  However, make sure your grind is a bit more on

the coarse side.  Remember, each method of serving coffee has a slight difference.  

Turkish Coffee

This is a special and rich method!  This cup is prepared with very finely ground beans and boiled overheat, set, then repeated a few times until you get that beautiful little cup of comfort.  Unfiltered, the entire contents are poured into a small espresso like cup.  

Greek Coffee is similar to Turkish coffee (with or without sugar).  Brewed in a Briki, this cup is served hot with a cold glass of water for when you have finished your cup.  

What is your favorite method to enjoy your coffee?  There are so many ways and varieties which make serving coffee an endless exploration with satisfaction.  Please tell us your favorite method!  We specialize in our wonderful cold brew.  A method which takes over 24 hours.  Now that is dedication! Or is it obsession?  Ha!  We invite you to share how you have your coffee with us.  Please let us know!