Here are a few of my favorite things.

The thing about coffee is it has a spectrum of flavors that can pair well with so many wonderful snacks.  It doesn’t always have to be for breakfast.

Do you like salty snacks with your bold cup?  Almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts are a great energy booster for a midday snack without being too filling or ruining your dinner appetite.  If you like to mix these flavors, try adding dried fruit such as cranberries, orange slices or even cherries to the mix!

Decadent chocolate
Such Decadence!

How about some crunch?  There is absolutely NOTHING like coffee with fresh biscotti! Dip it, soak it, and enjoy.  This can lead to the dessert side of coffee.  Coffee is perfect with any type of buttery sweets such as shortbreads, waffles, cornbread, and cookies.  Even for a small sweet treat I like to unwrap a few peanut butter cups!  

Looking for something rich?  How about an espresso poured on your favorite ice cream? This is something really special and especially with our espresso.  Just give it a try!  Is there something you really enjoy with your coffee?  Sweets are good but enjoying coffee with a friend can make all the difference.  After all, coffee is a social and universal good.  Coffee is a wonderful way to start a conversation which is crucial for a long-lasting friendship.  Enjoy coffee and each other!

If you want to try something unique – take a peek at our new offering:  Axios – A monthly subscription to the world’s finest, exclusive line of special small batch roasts that are available on a limited basis. That’s why we’re making “Axios!” available as a specialty coffee, hand-selected and roasted by me!

Axios!” (Greek ἄξιος, “worthy of”, “deserving of”, “suitable”) is an acclamation adopted by the Eastern Orthodox Church and confirmed by the faithful at the ordination of Bishops, Priests and Deacons.


The Flavor? Because these batches are so small, we have even more time to roast them even closer to perfection.  I’m so pleased and excited to share these coffees with you in the coming month.  It is as we say, WORTHY.