Personal Thoughts about Today

I want to thank each of you for your support in our business and as long as God allows I will diligently keep roasting coffee and getting it out to you.

I pinched myself on St Patrick’s Day not because I was not wearing green but to see if I would wake up from a dream of all the trouble that’s going on. It is no dream! It’s real and it’s here in full force as you well know.

Panic and fear are the fruit of having your hope in things that are temporary, short-lived and fleeting. If we measure ourselves by the car we drive, the house we own or the money we have and then that is threatened, then pandemonium breaks out. Now is the time to reconsider where you have placed your treasure, your heart’s desire.  It is a time to be sober minded, and introspective and I believe it is also a time of great opportunity to change some of those things you have let consume and distract you from what is good and necessary.

Here is my list:

To be thankful each day for all God has given us. We have so much, maybe too much.

To be wise in the use of those many things we have been given and not just a consumer of them to no end.

To slow down and be kind to all those who cross my path, greet them and give aid without judging.

To get to know your family. Not just their name and age.

To not go to bed angry but resolve any conflict at that moment by saying “I’m sorry it’s my fault”. You’d be surprised how quick a conflict can end. Wish those in charge would do the same. Why would they if we don’t.

Thank you again for your support. May God protect you.

Fr Michael